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        The Announcement

        Thank you for visiting us at interpack!

        See pictures and read more here!

        Visit us on PackTech Bombay on September 25~27th,Booth NO.F40

        Click here to see our 2014 tradeshow schedule.

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        Product sales support

           Customers who purchased the product (including agents and direct users) are automatically enjoy our service. Verbatim provide users with comprehensive and quality service, regardless of the user have any questions, Verbatim will receive attentive customer service department for more help. Customer Service Department sends the user to classify the problems reflected rapid contact with relevant departments as soon as possible to solve customer problems.

        Product quality problems
             Verbatim products offered are tested at the factory, meet the relevant quality standards of qualified products. If you purchase the product Verbatim other problems, please contact your local dealer or contact Verbatim Customer Service, we will focus on the user's specific issues dealt with separately. To ensure that users are legally entitled to as a consumer rights are fully respected.

        Product delivery problem
             Verbatim products, transportation, transportation may be provided by the distribution center, but also may be provided by marketing directly to the product stream is sent to the agency designated place, or Verbatim via EMS or air express delivery way to the product users. Regardless of the transported product, the user has the right to be notified when the product packaging integrity, all accessories are complete. If the user sees the product packaging is not complete, causing some damage to the product, affect product quality, do not acceptance, and timely contact with customer service, we will be according to customer requirements in a timely manner with the logistics center and give solution as soon as possible.

        Late Support

        Headquarters for the agents to the scene to develop programs to help develop new markets, establish sales channels;

        Headquarters for the agents to provide a unified VI image design, various materials and promotional items;

        Headquarters of the promotional activities for the agents to provide technical support.
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        Wilpac Packaging Machine Co Ltd 威得堡包裝機械
        TEL: +86-757-28320088 FAX:+86-757-28303399
        Address: No.37 West Changbao Road,Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong,China.
        E-mail: wlp@wil-pac.com Record No.: Guangdong ICP No. 13044619

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