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        The Announcement

        Thank you for visiting us at interpack!

        See pictures and read more here!

        Visit us on PackTech Bombay on September 25~27th,Booth NO.F40

        Click here to see our 2014 tradeshow schedule.

        Did You Know?
        You can open and insert up to 60 chipboard partitions per minute on Wilpac’s Model 70 dual head partitioner.
        Detecting Equipment

        WP-G Series Metal detector
        • Application: ◎Detecting the metal from food。 Features: ◎High detection sensitivity,stable and easy control。 ◎Stainless steel probe and machine frame, durable and nice appearance。 ◎Double Linear LED lamp for online real-time indicating metal or nonferrous object,and can be adjusted independently。
        WP-X Series Check weigher
        • It is used to check whether the single bag weight is conformed to the preset weight or not,and auto remove off the unqualified products by the selecting device。
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        Wilpac Packaging Machine Co Ltd 威得堡包裝機械
        TEL: +86-757-28320088 FAX:+86-757-28303399
        Address: No.37 West Changbao Road,Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong,China.
        E-mail: wlp@wil-pac.com Record No.: Guangdong ICP No. 13044619

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